Acne Laser Treatment – How Does It Work?

Having an acne laser treatment could be a life saver. The reason why is because of the many people who feel that they will never look completely “normal”. They believe that they have no more control over their bodies, that they will always be very unhappy and that they will never be able to love themselves. But, the fact is that with some advance treatments, it is now possible for almost anyone to look like the person that they wish to be, with every one of their bodies. Some of the treatments even allow you to be that person permanently!

Acne Laser Treatment

Extremely severe acne does not always respond to treatment. Medicines such as antibiotics cannot safely be used for months on end and often stopping the medicine results in the spots coming back and the user can become resistant to the antibiotic so over time it does not work anymore. Over the counter creams are often caustic and very harsh to the skin which may irritate the acne and can cause premature lines.

If the acne is very extreme it needs aggressive treatment, some of these treatments can contain retinoids and or birth control pills, side effects are likely and taking these medications long term can be harmful and again, the spots can return if the treatment is stopped. One treatment that is very effective is laser acne treatment.

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What is Acne Laser Treatment?

There are various different acne laser treatments but typically a carbon dioxide laser light I shone on the skin to target the bacteria that causes infection that leads to acne, it naturally encourages the skin’s natural repair. It burns away the sebaceous gland which produces the oil and burns away the follicle sac from which the hair grows. Not only is the acne significantly reduced but scarring caused by acne is reduced. Acne can be cured successfully with laser treatment sometimes in just a couple of sessions.

How Does Acne Laser Treatment Work?

Acne laser treatment works by heating the top layers of skin over and around the acne damage, this helps to kill off the acne bacteria, reduce the redness and halt the over-activity of the sebaceous glands so the oil production is reduced so less spots will occur. Laser treatment can also help to minimise the appearance of scarring by remodelling the top layers of skin and making tiny holes in the damaged tissue only so the undamaged areas of skin aid in the healing. Collagen production is replenished underneath the damaged area.

What Are The After Effects Of Acne Laser Treatment?

Some people (but not all) will suffer some form of minor side effect. Roughness of the skin, discolouration and swelling of the area that has been lasered has been reported. Some people may experience a tingling or hot sensation during the procedure, others liken it to having an elastic band pinged across the skin but generally any discomfort felt during acne laser treatment is minimal.

How Much Does Acne Laser Treatment Cost?

Prices for Acne laser treatment vary, in the US prices can range from $1500-2000 but it depends on your individual circumstances, i.e.) how advanced the acne is and where you are having the treatment. Doctors are reluctant to perform this procedure on any kind of health insurance as it can be extremely expensive as most people need a few sessions and even then there is always the possibility that it may not work as well as hoped so it is normally a very last resort when no other treatment or medication has helped.

Is Laser Treatment Good For Acne?

“Is laser treatment good for acne?” is a question that many people have asked. Laser treatment of acne has come a long way in the last few years. It has gone from being reserved for the most serious cases of acne to being widely available and accepted by the general public.

You may be wondering if the laser treatment is good for acne. Laser therapy for acne typically consists of two types of treatment. One type of laser therapy for acne can get rid of the acne causing bacteria (sebum) and the other can also help with reducing and clearing out pimples.

Acne can be caused by a number of things, and not all of these are cured with the use of a simple cream or chemical treatment. Unfortunately, it is often the case that acne treatments that treat the symptoms of acne will do little more than mask it. You may find that your skin improves and clears up, but that acne may still return.

Acne causes much damage to the skin, and to some extent, the body as a whole. To make matters worse, some forms of acne, such as blackheads and whiteheads, can cause irritation and scarring on the skin. This damage can lead to a person’s self-esteem being damaged.

There are several possible consequences to untreated acne. Firstly, it can leave discoloured patches of skin on the skin. Discoloured skin can cause acne to become blemished, making the problem worse, and so more discoloured skin leads to even more acne.

If you have acne, then you may be tempted to ask whether laser treatment is good for acne. The answer is no. Acne treated with a chemical may be able to fade away some of the acne, but in the long run the damage caused will be far more extensive. Chemicals are not completely benign, and have known side effects.

Lasers are less damaging than chemicals and are far safer than many over-the-counter creams. Lasers, however, do take longer to take effect than topical creams, and so may not be as effective at eliminating acne. However, many doctors will still recommend laser treatment, as they feel that laser treatment can be far more effective than traditional methods.

Acne treated with lasers is becoming a more popular method of treatment. Lasers are particularly effective at eliminating superficial scars. If you are considering laser treatment for acne, you should consider your own risk of side effects.

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