Genital Warts

Do you have embarrassing genital warts and are you looking for treatment options for genital warts that work?

This condition can affect men and women both and at any age. These warts are flesh-colored growths that occur in the genital region and the anal region of women. Warts in women are very contagious and one can get it by sexual contact with someone who already has it. It’s initially important to recognize the existence of genital warts and to inform your partner of your condition. Without further ado lets educate ourselves on Genital Warts and the proven treatment option available.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, it is estimated that there are 5.5 million new cases of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) in the US each year. At least 20 million Americans are infected already.

What Causes Genital Warts?

Genital warts or condylomata acuminate (scientific name) are small growths usually appearing within the area of the genitals. The growths can appear around the vaginal opening or it can be found inside the vagina on the cervix. It can also appear around the anus, on the penis and on or within the area between the anus and the genitals (perineum).

The most common way for this growth to spread is through intimate sexual contact. This is highly contagious and can spread rather easily. Thus, a person infected with genital warts and still actively engages in sexual activities with an uninfected partner can definitely transfer the warts to his/her partner.

However, before the first symptoms appear it usually takes eight to 18 months before the growths can totally appear. There is a long gestation period for this virus before it surges forth and appears on the skin. By now, ways and means to remove genital warts becomes more apparent.

But in some instances the virus remains in the tissue of the skin even after the warts are physically removed. This is where recurrence of the virus appears common in most people.

Yeast infections may cause the appearance of genital warts in women because of the presence of discharges and vaginal moisture common with yeast infections.

Genital warts can also increase the chances of people contracting cervical cancer for women and penile cancer for the men. Thus, the necessity of consulting with your medical doctor for the first signs of genital warts appearing is imminent before it is too late. Your doctor can recommend genital warts cream for its removal.

For women it very important to have regular pap smear conducted preferably annually so that if cancer develops it can easily be detected, treated and taken-cared of. Genital wart removal can be prescribed early on.

Similar sexually transmitted diseases can also appear altogether with the genital wart like syphilis and gonorrhea.  With this lethal combination, the chances of treating the virus becomes hard and complicated.

The following are the symptoms for genital warts:

Round or flat, small, red, itchy growths on or around the periphery of the vagina, penis, anus or around the perineum.
These growths can simultaneously grow together to form a big lump appearing like a cauliflower in shape.

What can cause the appearance of genital warts in people?

The main cause of genital warts as identified by medical professionals is the so-called human papilloma virus (HPV). Accordingly, 60 identified strains of the HPV can only produce harmless warts which are in no way related to developing cervical or penile cancer. But not many strains can be considered to be active carriers of the virus that is associated with cervical and penile cancer. Thus, it is necessary to remove genital warts early on.

Another cause of genital warts is through unprotected sexual relationship or intercourse with an infected person. The virus is highly contagious and can be transferred easily from one person to another.

Another possibility for warts to develop is when warts found on the fingers can find its way and be transferred to the genital area.  However, this case is uncommon but again this can possibly happen in people.

Children with genital warts are an indication that the child is undergoing sexual abuse by adults. When this happens it is important to have the child brought to a doctor for physical examination.  And possible actions should be undertaken to investigate the child’s social and home background. This could prevent further abuse to the child.

There are many possible ways for genital wart removal. Your physician or medical doctor can give an accurate prescription specially suited for you. It is always best to seek your doctor’s advice and refrain from taking self-medication.

There is a social negative stigma if a person has been discovered to be infected with genital warts. But the truth is it has already happened and what better way to do is to seek medical help and find a solution to the problem instead of hiding it. Because the worst thing that could happen is that the person can die because of cervical or penile cancer. It is a choice, shame or cancer? Some things have its consequences.

There is little need for home treatment when your warts are asymptomatic but if these bleed and become painful due to direct trauma to the area, these can lead to serious skin infection and pain.

How do you stop genital warts from spreading on yourself?

When it comes to how do you stop genital warts from spreading on yourself, there are a few simple solutions that you can use. If you have genital warts, you are going to want to keep them from spreading by preventing it from ever happening. The best way to prevent it from spreading is by wearing gloves when performing any kind of sexual activity. There are many ways to remove the warts, but this method is simple and easy to do, as well as painless. The whole process takes about ten minutes, but if you find that the warts have spread too much to handle, you can apply a second treatment. After the first treatment, you will need to wait another thirty days before repeating the process. Just make sure that you get rid of the wart before the infection starts to spread again.

When it comes to getting rid of warts, you are going to want to follow the same rules that you would for any type of wart. In order to keep them from coming back, you are going to need to keep your hands clean and dry, and ensure that they are kept as dry as possible. When you are dealing with genital warts, it is important that you do not scratch them. Scratching can actually cause them to spread even more, and when you scratch them, you actually end up harming the infection more than anything else. As soon as you feel an outbreak coming on, you are going to want to keep an extra pair of gloves on in order to protect yourself.

As I mentioned earlier, there are several methods for you to follow when it comes to how do you stop genital warts from spreading on yourself. The first thing that you are going to want to do is clean you off right after you remove the warts, as well as the area around the warts. You can also use a moisturizer to help with the healing process, as well as other things like prescription medication. There are also many prescription medications that you can get that are designed to kill the warts on your body. However, it is important that you speak with your doctor about all of your options, so that you know what you are doing.

Can genital warts be transmitted to the touch?

In many cases, it can and yes it is possible. I am not suggesting you need to get a Pap smear every time you have sex with someone. In fact, if you have HPV you should consult with your doctor on the proper treatment method for yourself. However, what I am saying is that if you know someone with genital warts, this may help them to be more comfortable with you touching them in a way that is not completely safe.

The key to the transmission of genital warts is contact. Let’s assume for a moment that someone else is suffering from the same problem you do. If they are not completely comfortable about it, they can rest assured that it will be covered by health insurance and no one will ever know that they had warts. They can continue to touch themselves to enjoy self-grooming and don’t need to discuss it with their doctor or anyone else. However, if you are the one suffering from genital warts, then you may be wondering if it is possible to transmit them to others.

As you may know, genital warts are not sexually transmitted but there are several cases of transmission and there are some people who do get genital warts from their partners without them knowing. This would be the case if they were using oral sex as well as other intimate positions. It is possible for someone to get genital warts from a sexual partner and not know it until they show up at the doctor’s office to be checked out. You should always remember that the STD test is not 100% accurate. It only tells the truth based on the blood tests performed.

Do genital warts hurt?

The answer is no. However, there are a number of men who have reported that they have pain during sexual intercourse and experience burning or soreness during urination as a result of having genital warts. There are a number of treatments for genital warts.

For those with a sexually transmitted disease like genital warts, it is recommended that the person in question to see a doctor in order to receive treatment as soon as possible. This is because it is often times more effective to treat an STD right away than to wait until later on in the course of the disease. It is also important that you remember to use protection when having sex with multiple partners. An STD can transfer from one partner to another in a matter of minutes. Be sure to use protection during all stages of your sex life.

Remember that there is no reason why a person should have to suffer with a sexually transmitted disease in order to have a healthy sex life. Take precautions now to avoid these unwanted problems from happening. In addition, you want to make sure that you’re living a healthy lifestyle and that you are taking care of yourself physically and mentally. No one should have to suffer from an STD just to enjoy a healthy sex life. You should always do your best to prevent an STD from happening in the first place.

Does hot water help genital warts?

That is a question I get asked all the time, and the answer is yes. If you think about it, when you are suffering from an STD or STI, you would have a very strong reason to need to bathe every day or even more often than once a day. The added stress of constantly having to shower at work or while you are on vacation can really push it. In addition, if you keep the disease at bay by not going outside in the heat, you can expect to be infected with it more often. Having that burning sensation when urinating in the heat can cause some individuals to dry hump in order to avoid the pain, and this is what happens to people who do not bathe frequently.

So does hot water help genital warts? Actually, the answer is no. However, there are many different aids that are out there, both for home use and for prescribed use, that actually can help combat the disease without causing any harm to the body. For example, there are many of the soaps and douches that are out there that are also antifungal, which can fight the disease and leave your genital area feeling a lot better. There are also some of the creams that are sold as pharmaceuticals that can help to cure the infection by killing the virus or fungus that causes the STD.

So does hot water help genital warts? You can certainly get some relief by bathing regularly but you will need to have a daily regime of using an effective aid in order to do so effectively.

What happens if genital warts is left untreated? If your doctor does not know how to treat the warts then you will be affected by this disease. If left untreated this disease could lead to cancer or to infertility. It can also lead to death if it is not detected at an early stage.

How do you detect genital warts if left untreated?

A genital wart looks like a small cauliflower on the skin. Doctors use a visual exam that checks for internal bleeding. It may also show up as bumps on the skin or bleeding around the bumps. The doctor will usually recommend another visit to make sure there are no other forms of the disease.

If the warts go untreated it will develop into sores or lesions that can become cancerous and in some cases cause life-threatening bleeding and can even spread to other parts of the body. Sometimes warts can become internal but most people who are infected do not show any signs. These warts look very much like other types of lumps, bumps, sore and even pimples. Some people may notice they have genital warts when they are itching. Other people might notice they have these warts if they notice bumps, sores or lesions.

Here are some treatment options for genital warts that work:

What are Treatment Options for Genital Warts?

Topical treatments

There are prescription creams that control the spread of warts by killing the virus responsible for the skin condition. Some creams may also help boost the immune system to resist wart formation and while some creams are placed on the affected area to protect the surrounding skin from warts. A treatment called trichloroacetic acid helps burn off warts especially genital warts. This is a medication that must be applied by a doctor.

Other than creams, there are liquid wart removal preparations that contain salicylic acid as one of the main ingredients. These preparations may also contain vitamin C, protective covering or film, ethyl alcohol and many more; a suitable amount of natural oils are also added to the list which will help improve the thickness of skin for easy penetration of ingredients.

Surgical methods

When genital warts won’t simply respond to topical creams that claim to remove warts surgical methods are used. The most popular genital wart remover is freezing or drying with the use of latest cryotherapy. Warts are frozen and allowed to slough off making way for new and healthy skin after several sessions.

Using electrocautery is another surgical method. This involves using a tool that will burn the wart off and reduce bleeding when the wart has been removed.

Using laser treatments may also work; using low powered laser pulses are enough to remove all kinds of skin condition even hard to remove plantar warts.


It is the surgical removal of warts including its roots that are often the culprit for recurring warts. This treatment is done in a sterile surgical environment under localized anesthesia. This is by far the most effective treatment option for genital warts but there are side effects of the procedure that may reduce its popularity. Skin infections are more likely to happen due to genital warts location. There is terrible pain when the anesthesia wears off which could be very traumatizing. Your dermatologist, on the other hand, may prescribe pain relievers and antibiotics to reduce skin infections.

Remember that when you are taking medications or using special techniques to remove genital warts is to observe cleanliness of the affected area and to refrain from sexual activity until warts or surgical wounds have completely healed. Follow your dermatologist’s advice for skin care and possibly build up your resistance by eating healthy foods and taking vitamin supplements.


There are no medicines or recognized cures for genital warts that can successfully banish the HPV virus from your system. However, there are certain remedies and medicines that can come to your aid in order to obtain relief from the symptoms of this disease. Wartrol is one of the best forms of treatment for genital warts and can be procured with ease. It is basically a homeopathic medicine that forms a part of alternative medicine. It has been known to provide remarkable results that are much more effective than any that you might achieve with conventional allopathic medication. The best thing about Wartrol is that it is totally risk free as it has been certified as safe for use by the Food and Drug Administration.

Wartrol was developed in 2002 by Natural Product Association (NPA), a well-known industry leader in the health and beauty field. The product helps those suffering from the sexually transmitted virus get treated through a natural treatment, without a prescription.

This medicine is made up of elements derived from nature and do not contain any artificial substances that are likely to cause unwanted effects. There have been innumerable tests conducted consisting of a significant number of subjects that have shown the effectiveness of Wartrol in combating this dreadful disease. Most of the participants have been observed as completely symptom free after a period of around four months. Only three percent of the participants did not show an adequate amount of recovery. Although people may still suffer from breakouts, the frequency and severity of the recurring warts has been observed to be significantly lower in those who have been taking this wonder drug.

There are many other kinds of treatments for genital warts in the market most of which can be quite hassling and even painful. Wartrol is a welcome relief for those who wish to eliminate the symptoms of this disease without having to undergo unnecessary pain and the hassle of visiting the doctor time and again. Wartrol does not come at a steep price like many other medicines that have been developed to fight genital warts. Its nominal price makes it a much liked and affordable cure for those suffering from this disease.

About Wartrol

Wartrol has been developed and marketed by a well established drug company that is very well known. It has never shown any negative effects on the patients who have used it at any point of time. It is very easy to use as all you have to do is open the package and keep it under your tongue while it is slowly absorbed. You can purchase it over the counter and no lengthy hospital visits are necessary. The company goes as far as to say that it would be ready to provide the money you invested in Wartrol back to you in case you do not find relief with this Wartrol.

Does Wartrol Work?

You may have heard about Wartrol one of the most popular genital wart treatment in the market today and may have wondered does Wartrol work effectively in removing warts? This is just one of the most common questions that most people with warts ask and aside from this, here are some of the other top questions that you may also be concerned about:

1.     Does Wartrol work in removing warts?

Wartrol is made of FDA approved ingredients that are effective and safe to remove all kinds of warts without damaging nearby skin tissue. Warts are dried and removed after regular application. You will never need to undergo expensive surgery and even painful treatments when you use Wartrol.

2.     Does Wartrol work in removing warts fast?

Wartrol works as fast as the second it is applied; with a small amount of Wartrol solution on warts, skin begins to dry up and warts begin to slough off. Regular application for several days will ensure that warts will be completely removed and skin will return to its usual healthy state.

3.     Does Wartrol work in removing genital warts?

Genital warts are caused by HPV or human papilloma virus and Wartrol will easily treat any symptoms of warts caused by HPV and possibly control warts from multiplying or even coming back.

Remember that genital warts may become painful and very unsightly; it may also be transmitted through contact to inform your partner if you have genital warts to prevent spread of this skin condition. Wash your hand often and never touch or pick your warts until these are completely healed.

4.     Does Wartrol work without a prescription?

Yes, you don’t need a prescription to order Wartrol online. This product is only available from Wartrol’s official site. This is by far the most easy to use wart treatment that does not require any prescription; you can literally save time and money from expensive consultation fees and embarrassing wart removal treatments from now on.

5.     Does Wartrol work and will it prevent warts from coming back?

Wartrol does not only effectively remove warts but will also make affected skin healthier and wart-free after regular use. Wartrol contains therapeutic amounts of salicylic acid and natural oils which can remove warts safely and more effectively.

Skin treatments using natural oils have become very popular since it is very effective and gentle on skin. Natural oils have important skin nutrients that make skin healthier when used regularly.

6.     Does Wartrol work even when you have other health conditions?

Wartrol is not recommended to be used on infected, open, inflamed or broken skin. It is also not intended for people with diabetes and other health conditions that can affect wound healing. Skin irritation may occur when used by people with sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin and would like to remove warts especially genital warts, consult your doctor first before using any wart-removal medication. Wartrol is only for external use, it must not be used together with other wart-removal techniques.

Wartrol Ingredients

Do you know what Wartrol ingredients are and why it is the most effective wart removal product in the market today? Wartrol is the most popular treatment for plantar warts or warts that specifically develops on the feet; it may also be used to remove common warts that appear on the hands, fingers and on the extremities but it is not recommended for the face and the genital areas. What makes this treatment truly effective are the different Wartrol ingredients all scientifically formulated to effectively remove even the most stubborn plantar warts. Here is an ingredients list for this wart removal solution:

  • Salicylic acid 17% – salicylic acid comes in different strengths and for Wartrol, 176% makes salicylic acid the most effective for warts. In lesser strengths, salicylic acid can treat pimples, acne, psoriasis, calluses and corns to name a few and since the percentage of this acid is stronger in Wartrol, it is recommended to avoid using it on the face and genital areas. These areas have sensitive skin that can easily become irritated and inflamed. Salicylic acid is ideally safe to use if product instructions are followed or a dermatologist advice is considered.
  • Ascorbic acid – vitamin C is important to restore skin health especially during and after wart treatment. Vitamin C is an essential factor in the body’s production of collagen which is a kind of protein that makes cells grow, improves the firmness and the strength of skin and mucous membranes and may also reduce the action of harmful free radicals that are the cause of premature skin aging.
  • Flexible Collodion – is a compounded mixture of pyroxilin, ether and alcohol which is used to protect skin. It helps close wounds to protect it from bacteria that can cause skin infections. Collodion is also used to keep salicylic acid and other Wartrol ingredients in contact with skin.
  • Ethyl alcohol – acts as a disinfectant that kills infection-causing bacteria on contact. Together with salicylic acid, virus that causes warts doesn’t stand a chance. But alcohol causes drying of the skin; always follow package instructions when applying Wartrol to prevent over drying of skin and other skin complications.

And along with these ingredients are natural oils that help jump start the skin’s normal healing process calls keratolysis. This is a term for the thinning of the tough layers of the skin so that salicylic acid may further penetrate the wart. Natural oils also make the surrounding skin healthier and prevent future wart breakouts on adjacent skin.

This special blend of ingredients make Wartrol one of the fastest acting wart removal product ever to hit the market but be careful though, over use and misuse can only lead to worsening of your warts. So it is therefore best to read product instructions first before you apply. It’s also best to consult a dermatologist beforehand or if you have health conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Consult a dermatologist when your condition does not improve after ten days of continuous use.

Wartrol Side Effects

Would you like to use Wartrol one of the most popular wart removal solutions online but are afraid of potential side effects? Wartrol is among the most trusted natural wart removal treatments which destroys plantar warts which is caused by an infection caused by with the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV. This natural formula is available in liquid form which is applied directly on the affected area. Wartrol contains 17% salicylic acid which is why it is so effective and fast in treating warts; but along with its effectiveness comes some side effects that you must know before you try it out. Here are Wartrol side effects:

  1. Minor skin irritation – some people may experience slight skin irritation, redness and tingling sensation upon initial use of Wartrol. These Wartrol side effects are common in people who have a hypersensitivity to aspirin and salicylic acid. If you experience this side effect, do not continue using the product. Wash the solution completely with running water and consult a dermatologist for an alternative wart control treatment.
  2. There are people who misuse Wartrol; this includes using the product for the specified number of days. When warts do not disappear or won’t respond to treatment after ten days, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist for evaluation and a more applicable treatment.
  3. Severe skin irritation may occur when Wartrol is used together with other wart removal treatments and remedies. Never use this product with other skin medications, consult a dermatologist beforehand.
  4. Never use Wartrol when the affected area has open wounds, cuts, irritation and swelling, this might just worsen your skin’s current situation.

Wartrol side effects may be prevented when the product is used sensibly and when used as indicated in by your dermatologist. And aside from these possible side effects, Wartrol is contraindicated to people with diabetes, poor blood circulation, for pregnant and for breastfeeding mothers. This product is not intended to remove pimples, acne, moles, birthmarks and other types of skin irritation; using Wartrol to treat these skin conditions could only worsen the skin’s current health condition.

So before using Wartrol, it is recommended that you understand how it is used and how often you need to apply to get the best results. Wartrol comes with an applicator brush that will help you place the solution on your wart without any fuss; just apply a small amount on your wart and allow the solution to air dry for about 60 seconds. It just tales about 19 minutes for Wartrol to penetrate the skin and dissolve the wart; do not cover the wart with a band aid, bandage or clothing to allow skin to completely absorb the solution. Repeat this once a day until the wart is gone.

Where To Buy Wartrol ?

Wartrol is an amazing homeopathic home remedy for fast effective relief of genital warts symptoms and growths. You won’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy Wartrol from reputable online stores.

Genital warts are symptoms of the human papilloma virus and manifest as small wart-like growths on or around the genitals and anus. This highly contagious virus is spread through sexual contact with an infected partner and even though symptoms may not appear immediately, the virus may remain dormant for several months in your system before resulting in an outbreak of clustered growths.

While most cases of genital warts are usually painless, other sufferers report symptoms like itching or bleeding. It is vitally important that you wash your hand thoroughly after scratching your warts, as it is very easy to spread them to other parts of your body.

Obviously, these growths on the genital area can be quite embarrassing and many people just want a quick, reliable way to get rid of genital warts so they can go back to living normal lives.

The traditional methods of genital wart treatment, such as laser treatment to remove the warts can be expensive. It also may not be a permanent procedure. Genital warts may re-erupt even after laser treatment.

Wartrol is made from all-natural products, so this homeopathic remedy is not invasive like surgery and is completely painless. You simply spray your Wartrol dosage under your tongue so your body can absorb the treatment quickly into the blood stream and your symptoms will begin to vanish in just days.

Many people who have used this formula to get rid of their genital warts have reported no repeat outbreaks of the virus. Another great benefit to using this remedy is that the incidence of scarring or skin discolorations is greatly reduced as compared to other more severe methods of wart removals, such as freezing, burning or laser removal.

It’s interesting to note that most of the topical treatments for genital warts available on the market today contain tea tree oil. Wartrol contains no tea tree oil, choosing alternative homeopathic ingredients that not only help reduce the wart, but also reduce the inflammation and potential infection that may be evident in the skin areas surrounding the genital warts outbreak.

As some sufferers may experience genital wart outbreaks internally, the topical creams usually applied to warts on the external visible parts of the genitals can’t be applied. This is where Wartrol has a superior effect, as it’s administered orally and absorbed into the bloodstream, any genital warts that have manifested internally, on either the cervix or vaginal wall can be treated quickly and easily.

So if you want a fast, effective genital warts treatment, Wartrol is highly recommended. This discrete, natural treatment is reliable and will help you deal with genital wart symptoms painlessly without unsightly side effects.

First off, be careful where you buy Wartrol. I’ve come across some websites selling Wartrol for the ridiculous amount and they do not also include the FREE bottle offer and money-back guarantee that comes with it from Wartrol Official website Click HERE

Some more facts about Wartrol:

  • Most effective genital warts treatment available in the market today
  • A natural non surgical treatment of genital warts
  • 98% success rating and customer satifaction
  • Risk free use: Wartrol offers a 90 day money back guarantee.
  • You get free complimentary bottles with your purchase
  • Discreet Worldwide shipping

With your order you get a spray bottle with the liquid inside. You then spray the liquid under your tongue three times per day. Spraying the liquid under the tongue gets it in the blood stream quicker.


Read what a Customer has to say about Wartrol….

Hi there, my name is Alex and welcome to this page.
First off ………. I want you to RELAX.  Yes, you are probably here because you have genital warts, right?  Ok, so did I, and i want to share my story with you.   Most importantly, I want to tell you two things:

  • Genital warts are one of the most common STDs you can get
  • They are easily treatable!

Ok, so I have done a more detailed review of Wartrol in my ‘Wartrol Reviews’ page,  but here’s my story; On 18th March 2019, I did an awful thing …….. I cheated on my wife!  I am ashamed to admit it but that’s what happened.  There was a lot of alcohol involved and to make things worse the condom broke and, yep, you guessed it I ended up with Genital Warts about two weeks later.

I have to tell you that never in my life have i felt so ashamed!  Ashamed because I had cheated on my wife and secondly because i had contracted an STD.  There were so many things going through my mind (including whether to come clean to my wife) but most importantly how I could get rid of these horrible warts quickly and discretely.

I have to tell you that never in my life have i felt so ashamed!  Ashamed because I had cheated on my wife and secondly because i had contracted an STD.  There were so many things going through my mind (including whether to come clean to my wife) but most importantly how I could get rid of these horrible warts quickly and discretely.

I spent hours a day on the web trying to find a cure.  I even went to the doctors office and was so embarrassed that when saw the doc I bottled it at the last minute and said I had a sore back!  I ended up with a useless, costly prescription for back pain which I didn’t even use!

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Then I stumbled across this product called Wartrol.  I was a bit skeptical about buying a product like this from the web, but i read a number of positive Wartrol reviews and decided I had nothing to lose!  Plus when I found out it was an all natural remedy AND FDA approved, I  thought it was worth giving it a try!

When the Wartrol package arrived, i quickly discarded the box and peeled off the label so no one would see what it was.  I applied it 3 times a day as instructed and in about four days after starting to use wartrol the horrible warts started to shrink!!!!  In six days they were hardly visible, and thirteen days later I was wart free!!! I cant tell you how happy i was.

Wartrol totally worked for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

………. and in case you are wondering, I did come clean to my wife.  She got mad and stayed with her sister for a few days.  When she came back we agreed to go to counseling (I would highly recommend this to anyone) and now we are happier than ever and now have a 12 month old baby girl  :)

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My Wartrol Review

I cannot remember the different types of genital warts pills and creams I have used in the last few years with little or no results and I thought that I would never find anything that would work. I was more annoyed that I had this situation and that it wouldn’t go away no matter what I used, I ended up thinking it was me, that there was something personally wrong with me.

I just couldn’t get rid of that terrible feeling of itching and the bumps kept coming out more and some people that I confided in suggested going to have laser surgery to remove it.

Some people are fortunate enough to have a friend or relative to put them on to something that works, I wasn’t in that situation, I had to try so many until I finally found the one that worked.

After months of trying other ones, I came across Wartrol through a genital warts forum. I read a lot of good reviews about it and I decided to buy it. I got a spray bottle from them with the instruction to spray it three times a day under my tongue.

To cut the whole story short, I have now been using Wartrol for the last three months and I am so glad that I did, all the bumps and itching I had is gone and I can’t explain how good it feels to be free from genital warts.

My Conclusion:

If you suffer from genital warts, I will definitely encourage you to try Wartrol. I’m talking from my personal success and I hope it work for you too.

Lastly, I would like to say I really like the privacy of getting Wartrol online; I didn’t have to embarrass myself going to the drugstore to ask for a genital warts medication and also I was very happy with the shipping of the product. I got my Wartrol in a discreet package with no indication of what was inside from Wartrol official website

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Best Regards,


Wartrol User Guildlines: I saw result within the first few weeks, other users of Wartrol have reported reduction and elimination of their genital warts within a few weeks of using it. It is recommended that for a complete cure and prevention of future outbreak of genital warts, use Wartrol for 4-6 months.

Some more facts about Wartrol:

  • Most effective genital warts treatment available in the market today
  • A natural non surgical treatment of genital warts
  • 98% success rating and customer satifaction
  • Risk free use: Wartrol offers a 90 day money back guarantee.
  • You get free complimentary bottles with your purchase
  • Discreet Worldwide shipping

With your order you get a spray bottle with the liquid inside. You then spray the liquid under your tongue three times per day. Spraying the liquid under the tongue gets it in the blood stream quicker.